How Rama Taught - Dr. Frederick Lenz

Rama was a radical teacher who didn't follow anyone's rules. How could he. He was in the midst of discovering the ultimate truth through his own hard work. Eternity was revealing itself to Rama in day to day moments, as it does for anyone seeking truth with one-pointedness. It was happening real-time, not from reading a book, not from following a fixed recipe from teachers of old, though he read all the spiritual classics and augmented his understanding with his own experiences. It was happening because Rama continually availed himself to the endless, vast eternal reality. And eternity answered him back with consciousness, power, insights, realizations, and ultimately enormous stores of humor. Rama was funny. He was hilarious. And it all came from his real-time observations of the seriously screwed up human condition. But he simultaneously had massive stores of compassion as well, not only for his students, but for all of humanity. And it wasn't theoretical. When Rama went out to a restaurant, he treated the waitress with respect and dignity. He saw the truth in his mechanic, the store clerk, the stewardess, the cabbie. He understood their pain because he too had suffered much in his life, seeing the deadness of humanity, the cruelty between family members, the restrictions of education, the death of his mother, life in a work-camp, his own illusory desires that brought him no joy, the sting of his ego in action, all these things enriched him with kindness towards humanity and their troubles.

These real world experiences gave Rama an understanding of the suffering of humanity. As he got higher and his mediations more powerful, he was able to bring that understanding to bear in his teachings. He used everything to show his students that life is a state of mind, and it matters very little what clothes you're wearing, what country you live in, how much money you have, what house you live in. What really matters is your state of mind. Once you get that and start playing with shifting it to higher and more luminous states of mind, then you might as well have fun with where you are - with finding fun clothes that work for the current you, that take advantage of the resources in your country at your disposal, with finding a house that is in a beautiful setting and conducive to high meditations, or finding a job that allows you to use your potential and get paid loads of money so that you don't have to worry about bills. And, you can use those activities to continually see eternity in everything, including cute haircuts and house-hold products.

Rama used the real world as the setting for his teachings. He stressed career as yoga because living in a monastery with a begging bowl wasn't going to work for modern day Americans. But using consciousness to do a great job at work each day could continually empower a person and give them a stronger mind. Having a strong, clear mind is important in meditation because initially, you use the mind to go beyond thought. Also, the further out you go in consciousness, the more powerful your mind must be to reformulate back to a brain that can function in this world. Meditation stretches your mind, in a good way, but if it's not strong, it can be very difficult to traverse the higher more powerful ranges of infinite consciousness. So strengthening the mind is extremely important to the aspirant.

Rama teaches through career how to empower your life. Meanwhile, making more and more money, not because you care about money, but because it's an adult symbol of doing a good job, like grades for school kids, is interesting because it releases you of the burden of worrying - how to pay for rent, gas, bills. Bringing clarity and vision to your work is worth a good deal to companies, you get paid for focusing your mind in ways that can help them, you use that money to continually forward Dharma - in your own life, in helping others, in not having to worry so that you can continue to pursue enlightenment.

One of the wonderful things about Rama and how he taught was his taste for adventure. He loved hiking, swimming, scuba diving, skiing and discovering new places to take his students. One of his specialties was taking his students to meditate in the deserts. These places are flowing with power, and in many cases, if a person is sincere, the place will meditate you. Rama found beautiful, high, wonderful terrain to give his students launching pads into silence and light. These trips were always extreme in their transformative results. Students' views of reality shifted, they experienced the silence infiltrating their minds and giving them access to their highest selves. It became easier to let go of the past, of personality glitches that were limiting and hurtful, to have insights into areas of life that needed to change in order to become clearer and truer. It's highly individual, so on these trips, Rama said very little. Instead, he went into fully absorbed consciousness, meditating and performing feats of mysticism that were both fun and reality bending. It gave the student the ability to see that life is not solid, and neither are we.

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