Rama - Dr. Frederick Lenz: Meditating With Rama

Meditation is about silence, finding the eternal core of truth within that is sourced from the infinite, all-pervading awareness. We're all made of that, and meditation brings us into contact with our own infinite nature. Becoming enlightened isn't the final destination of a journey. It is the journey. It's the process of becoming emptier - emptied of illusion, sadness, depression, anger, layer upon layer of ego and its ensuing facades and affectations, out of control thoughts, emotions and behavior. It's the process of becoming filled with light, humor, depth, understanding, compassion, love and wisdom which leads to peace and happiness. When a person truly meditates, they find a revolutionary process takes hold within. One that changes people - brings them more into contact with who they really are, with their soul's desires, with their deepest inner truth. Meditation brings people to a more real understanding of life, the universe and their place in it; beyond the superficial reality created by humans. There is something beyond the human condition, which is only one superficial possibility of how life could go, out of all infinite possibilities.

Meditating with Rama does not entail sitting in his physical presence. Many seekers worldwide continue to be guided by Rama and his teachings. He wove enlightenment into the music he produced with his band, Zazen, and when a person meditates with aspiration to Zazen music, they are lifted up into the planes of light, making thoughts easier to discard. The music helps to silence the mind. When the mind is silenced, the natural state is brought forward. That natural state is the blank slate of light that we were all born with. But then we became conditioned by our environment, family, culture, teachers, peers, marketing, television, our experiences. Our conditioning is a training - giving us a way to look at things, giving us a "common" view of life. But this common view, this set of rules as to how to navigate life, is inherently faulty. The view is so limited that it causes continual unhappiness and dissatisfaction in its trainees - us - humans. It is based on limited understanding, biases, bigotry, selfishness, fear of the unknown, hatred of that which seems "different". The human condition has herded society into cattle lines that move together toward the slaughter house. This is what Buddha called the Nightmare of the Day. He said that ultimately, all suffering is caused by attachment to desire. And our desire is manipulated and conditioned into us from an early age. But meditation takes us beyond our conditioning and into the radiant truth of existence. It is practiced by those with warrior spirits, by people who are sick of being told what life is and isn't, how to behave, how to respond, how to see. The warrior who seeks enlightenment knows there is something higher, something more true, more noble, more beautiful, more joyful than the human condition. And they seek that.

Meditation is the way out of the human condition. Religion and philosophy can help make the prison cell of the human condition more bearable, but meditation is going beyond the prison cell altogether. It is not religious, though it can be practiced in a religious context, nor is it philosophical, though it can be practiced in a philosophical context. Instead, meditation is rooted in experience, and having the experience of meditation is one of going beyond all mental conditioning to a state of freedom. When a person meditates as a core part of their life, the way we bathe and eat as a core part of our life, and if a person's aspiration is such that the energy of meditation infiltrates their mind, and thus their day to day moments with clarity, insight and joy, then navigating this world becomes inherently different. It becomes individual, truthful, and far outside of the conditioned human path. When this occurs, what is on the other side of conditioned, limited mental states? Light, ecstasy and truth.

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