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Through the years, Rama taught on a variety of subjects geared toward helping serious aspirants learn to meditate more deeply and thus, find and experience their own enlightenment. Because he was imbued with so much light and could bring a person into the highest meditations just by the power of his own consciousness, many people believed he would "give them" enlightenment. But that was far from his true intent, which was to give people maps, compasses, tips, warnings and on-going empowerments, and then let them be to find their own way. Enlightenment is individual and is something that can only be attained through a person's own willingness to find truth on their terms, through their commitment to discover their own inner direction and to develop a deep love of truth. But it's very easy to get lost, to assume you know or see the truth when you may be deluding yourself. So one of the main things he taught was how to develop reality checks. He taught people how to gauge if they were on a Dharmic line or not in their life's directions. That is how a mature seeker progresses. Not through someone giving you rules and telling you what to do, but through you finding your own way the hard way - in the school of hard knocks. In this manner, you learn what brings you into light, what brings you closer to your own Truth or Dharma, and what moves you away from it. He taught through meditations, workshops, hikes, activities, music, all of which were permeated with infinite consiousness. Many of the talks he gave his students were recorded and are not only applicable and relevant, but are a direct transmission of enlightened consciousness that can guide the seeker toward their own highest truth.

Rama's teachings provide a framework of how to live in a modern, western society. He was American and believed it was right for Americans who wanted to be on a path to have the ability to continue to be Americans: Having a home, driving a car, developing a career, having fun and being independent. He was not interested in donning the regalia and pomp of times past - monasteries, robes, shaved heads, begging bowls. Instead, he was very interested in how to use what is here - in front of us - to see and experience the ultimate truth. Wake up, shower, meditate, hop in your car, head down the freeway, get to your job, work hard, solve problems, construct and build applications from the abstract to something that performs functions, drive home, go for a run, shower, meditate, cook dinner, do something creative, and go to bed.

But at the core of that life is meditation, which colors everything you engage in with luminosity and joy. Have fun with finding a cool house, decorating it to feel like a bright, beautiful sanctuary. Have fun with a cool car, something that makes you feel good, that makes you feel safe and at the same time, very tight and together. Maybe find a different kind that you've never had before, a sportscar, a jeep, a luxury car, a zippy car. Find a job that allows you to use your mind, to concentrate, to solve programming puzzles that strengthen your mind, and one that pays well, so you can have mobility and freedom to move about as you please. Paying attention to your physical appearance so as not only to blend, but to have people treat you with respect, in a way that doesn't bring unwanted attention or flack your way. To be able to walk with dignity through this world without being targeted by people who want something from you. This brings a kind of freedom that allows you to give your best in any circumstance you select to give of yourself, versus allowing people to take what they want from you because they want you to play a role in their dreams, so they pull you in because they want something from you, not because they're sincere.

Rama teaches people how to be warriors in an adversarial world, to be real with themselves, to see the best in others, to find joyful scenarios that are inspiring, to take on challenges that are difficult - if it's the right thing to do. His teachings give a person wings to take off in high directions that are right for them. Rama's teachings help people find their way to their own enlightenment.

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